Employment Prospects

Central Accounting Department in close contact with the Big Four accounting firms , each firm will organize academic year are visiting activities for students to advance understanding of future work environment ; four firms will provide firms the opportunity to work part-time in the summer , and every school year in the department last semester to organize campus recruitment activities and provide employment opportunities for graduating seniors , the best students in the department will have a chance on the senior semester admission , compared to students after graduation, he was still worried for a way out big advantage.
Accounting Department way back into the attack and defend, optimal survival of the industry is immortal , as long as the activities related to ” commercial activity ” , all have to participate in non- accounting professionals . The well known person to another public accounting advantages are: accounting professionals will be diverted to other related business management , marketing, financial management areas , investments in securities and other work is not difficult, but it is difficult to replace staff in other areas of accounting professionals . Therefore , to say “Accounting ” is the survival of the business community in the optimal industry is no exaggeration.
Accounting human way , unimpeded throughout the year :

– Attorney affairs officer for public office , accounting, auditing , taxation and administrative staff
– Accounting firm audit staff
– Office business financial management , internal audit
– Obtain professional certification or studying ─ accountants, securities analysts, internal auditors or further studies .

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