Idea & Target


■ Idea

Theory and practice, the number of students and to strengthen foreign language capability, integrated accounting, finance, tax, and computer science to use the four-way. Teaching methods focus on inspiration, guidance, and training of students’ independent thinking and the ability to analyze and develop the professional morality of international macroeconomic and accounting ethics.

Research areas:
Dedicated to research in accounting and related fields, the integration of theoretical and practical cases discussed, is also committed to research and strengthen research heuristic teaching learning performance of students in order to meet the trend of research can meet the needs of the national community, assisted teaching, enhance student Learning performance

Social services:
Necessary for national social, with the tide when providing appropriate training and refresher courses for the community and the industry who attend, in order to implement the concept of lifelong learning.


■ Target

1.   training with aloof independent and impartial spirit, accounting ethics and compliance professionals.

2.   Culture of the rule of law and literacy in providing accounting and management consultative capacity management personnel.

3.   Engaged in the promotion of research teaching both the theory and practice to improve the quality of teaching, the implementation of the research results to the academic and social state.

4.   Enhance the learning environment and the performance, promotion and internationalization.
5.    Offer cooperative education and the promotion of education.



■ Sustainable Development (SDGs) Goals and Vision

In response to the promotion of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the Department closely follows the development of SDGs. In addition to the original four major courses, a new course of sustainable governance has been added to help students develop a second specialty besides accounting majors and strengthen workplace competition. The department is committed to constructing high-quality teaching resources and creating a high-quality academic environment, and in response to recent trends, linking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the main development direction


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